New Dishes at Seasonal

The Pork Belly: The inspiration for this dish is a traditional Austrian sandwich snack, that is served at every ‘Heurigen’: a slice of cold Pork Belly on bread, usually served with mustard. For Seasonal the chef’s transformed this popular snack into a tasty appetizer: hot Pork Belly, served with Bergkaese (Cheese), Onion and Caraway Rye.

Chatham Cod: Sausage, Salsify, Bay Leave, Horseradish

Mackerel: Spanish Mackerel, Creme Fraiche, Cucumber, Dill, Egg

Sweetbread: Veal Sweetbread, served with the typical sweet sour glaced Chestnut and Cabbage, the most important Winter Vegetable in Austria.

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